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Why I started my own practice?

Are you bored working as an associate? This is the story of why I opened my own practice...

Ever felt trapped in the routine of being an associate dentist, yearning for more but finding only frustration? If that sounds familiar, let me share my story — a tale of resilience, frustration, and the game-changing decision that led to the most rewarding chapter of my career.

Working as an associate dentist was once my passion, a commitment to making a difference in the lives of my patients. However, that enthusiasm dwindled as the practice I worked for was sold to a corporate entity, turning what was once patient-centric into a profit-driven machine. The joy I found in dentistry waned, drowned out by corporate targets and the stifling constraints of the National Health Service (NHS).

Faced with a lack of growth opportunities and a loss of professional identity, I made a bold move — I resigned without another job in sight. It was a leap of faith, an act of rebellion against the monotony that had taken over my professional life.

In the void left by my resignation, I chose to embark on a journey in to the unknown — establishing my own dental practice from scratch. This decision, though daunting, allowed me to shape a practice aligned with my values and passion for patient care. From selecting the perfect location to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, every decision was an opportunity for innovation.

Building a team from the ground up was both a challenge and a reward. Handpicking individuals who shared my commitment to dentistry and patient well-being fostered a cohesive environment that valued not just professional excellence but genuine care for our patients.

Looking back, opening my own practice was undeniably the best decision. The autonomy to practice dentistry on my terms, witnessing a thriving practice that I built from the ground up, and the satisfaction of providing personalized care surpassed any initial challenges.

To my fellow dentists facing a similar crossroads, I encourage you to consider this: if you're bored and yearning for more, don't be afraid to take the leap. Opening your own practice might be the exhilarating adventure your career needs, a chance to revive the passion that led you to dentistry and build a legacy reflective of your unique vision.

Ready to break free from monotony? The journey to a more fulfilling dentistry experience begins with a single decision.

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